Physics for Cambridge O Level is a comprehensive textbook covering all of the material needed for Cambridge International Examinations O Level Physics Syllabus 5054.

Key Highlights

  • The text provides pupils with clear learning objectives and highlights and reinforces key concepts in diverse ways including ‘In this Chapter you will Learn’, ‘Key Term’ definitions as well as Chapter Summaries.
  • Pupils are able to check their understanding of key concepts and identify areas which may require additional attention through extensive practice activities including worked examples, ‘Check Your Understanding’ questions, O Level style practice questions and past O Level questions.
  • Pupils are also provided with a full range of experiments covering all the requirements of the syllabus.

Pupil Books

1 Book

Physics for Cambridge O Level
ISBN - 1-845221-89-3

Teacher Books

1 Book

Physics for Cambridge O Level Answer Book
ISBN - 1-845222-14-8