3 Books

History in Focus


History in Focus is a ground-breaking series which brings history to life for lower secondary pupils. Packed with facts and illustrations, it covers the history of the region of Pakistan from early times up to the 20th century. To ensure a broad perspective,...

3 Books

History Today


History Today, comprising 3 pupil books and workbooks, takes a structured, well-balanced approach to secondary history and provides a firm foundation for the Cambridge O Level Pakistan Studies Syllabus.

5 Books

Modern Primary History


Modern Primary History is a 5-book, foundational primary History course, based on a well-structured learning scheme, introduces pupils to national and international history.

The History and Culture of Pakistan

O Level

The History and Culture of Pakistan is a comprehensive History program written specifically for the Cambridge O Level Pakistan Studies Syllabus 2059/01 and provides indepth coverage of the syllabus.