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Peak Publishing was established in 1992 in London,UK to create high quality, up-to-date and engaging student resources and teacher resource material for English medium schools in Pakistan.

We are dedicated to the development of well-structured, content rich and informative textbooks of international quality. Our experienced, UK based authors have the subject knowledge and expertise required to produce high quality material. We take great care to research the content and presentation of each book to exacting international standards while working with local experts to ensure our books adhere to cultural norms in our markets. To learn more about our authors click here.

Where relevant our books are produced to match local syllabi requirements whereas where able, we produce textbooks that match internationally recognized curricula. Thus our textbooks range from Single National Curriculum based textbooks through to resources following the requirements of select CIAE O Level syllabi.

Peak Publishing has also partnered with a diverse range of internationally recognized educational publishers over the years to acquire Pakistan specific rights to high quality educational content compatible with the Pakistani educational landscape. Often, these international textbooks are further localized to match Pakistani requirements. To learn more about our international publishing partners click here.

We recognize the importance of education in Pakistan and we hope to contribute to its growth and development. We understand the power of ideas and the value of imagination. We believe education should be meant to convey knowledge and wisdom and that good textbooks provide a critical foundation to achieve this goal.