Let’s Write is a comprehensive, 7 level, multi-component, pre-primary and primary handwriting scheme designed to support pupils from the time they start holding a writing implement to fast, fluent penmanship

Key Highlights

  • Reflects the latest English National Curriculum, but written specifically for the Pakistan market
  • Offers seamless progression from mark-marking through to a fast, fluent style fit for the purposes of the modern world
  • Designed for English Medium schools, but recognises that children and teachers are multilingual
  • Teaches discrete letters before teaching to join them
  • A combination of workbooks and student books to suit all ages and stages
  • Includes observation and assessment checklists to track progress
  • Offers a print form of lettering (no exit flicks) and variations on letter shape and joining in [last level title of pupil book and workbook] when personalisation of handwriting is encouraged
  • Embeds an engaging chipmunk character throughout who offers tips and guidance to the children
  • Utilises Infant Sassoon font; the most popular handwriting font in the UK

Pupil Books

3 Books

Let's Write Pupil's Book 3
ISBN - 1-845223-53-5
Let's Write Pupil's Book 4
ISBN - 1-845223-55-1
Let's Write Pupil's Book 5
ISBN - 1-845223-57-8

Skills Books

11 Books

Let's Write Workbook A
ISBN - 1-845223-45-4
Let's Write Workbook B
ISBN - 1-845223-46-2
Let's Write Workbook C
ISBN - 1-845223-47-0
Let's Write Workbook D
ISBN - 1-845223-48-9
Let's Write Workbook 1A
ISBN - 1-845223-49-7
Let's Write Workbook 1B
ISBN - 1-845223-50-0
Let's Write Workbook 2A
ISBN - 1-845223-51-9
Let's Write Workbook 2B
ISBN - 1-845223-52-7
Let's Write Workbook 3
ISBN - 1-845223-54-3
Let's Write Workbook 4
ISBN - 1-845223-56-X
Let's Write Workbook 5
ISBN - 1-845223-58-6

Teacher Books

2 Books

Let's Write Teacher's Guide 1
Let's Write Teacher's Guide 2