Language is a comprehensive, secondary level English language course focused on providing a balanced, ‘forward to fundamentals’ approach to learning English.

Key Highlights

  • Each unit within the series focuses on developing core skill areas such as comprehension, grammar, vocabulary extension, punctuation, spelling, creative writing and speech work
  • Wide range of text types promotes deep understanding of the English language
  • Pupils are encouraged to apply these language skills through exercises requiring reading, writing, speaking, thinking, analysing, observing and creating
  • Teacher Resource Books available to support teaching.

Pupil Books

3 Books

Language One
ISBN - 1-904189-91-1
Language Two
ISBN - 1-904189-92-X
Language Three
ISBN - 1-904189-93-8

Teacher Books

3 Books

Language One Teacher Resource Book 1
Language Two Teacher Resource Book 2
Language Three Teacher Resource Book 3