History Today, comprising 3 pupil books and workbooks, takes a structured, well-balanced approach to secondary history and provides a firm foundation for the Cambridge O Level Pakistan Studies Syllabus.

Key Highlights

  • It places the history of Pakistan within the context of the wider world and gives pupils an insight into the rich history of the region.
  • Each unit provides pupils with clear learning objectives and informs their understanding of when, why and how the events took place in the past.
  • The series develops pupils interest in history through interesting facts, special focus topics and a range of challenging questions and exercises.
  • Each book uses stimulating images and colourful maps to provide useful information and further insight into the topics covered.
  • Skills Books facilitate further practice and reinforcement.
  • Comprehensive Teacher Support Books aid teacher lesson planning and delivery.

Pupil Books

3 Books

History Today 1
ISBN - 1-845222-93-8
History Today 2
ISBN - 1-845222-94-6
History Today 3
ISBN - 1-845222-95-4

Skills Books

3 Books

History Today Skills Book 1
ISBN - 1-845223-19-5
History Today Skills Book 2
ISBN - 1-845223-20-9
History Today Skills Book 3
ISBN - 1-845223-21-7

Teacher Books

3 Books

History Today Teacher Support Book 1
History Today Teacher Support Book 2
History Today Teacher Support Book 3