Geography Today, comprising 3 pupil books and skills books, takes a structured, enquiry approach to secondary geography and provides a firm foundation for the Cambridge O Level Pakistan Studies Syllabus.

Key Highlights

  • It develops pupils’ understanding of the broad scope of geography and the relevance and importance of geographical studies to pupils’ own lives and the lives of people everywhere.
  • It provides pupils with clear learning objectives, uses varied questions and exercises to develop and check pupils’ understanding of key concepts and topics.
  • The series enables pupils to interpret information from a wide range of sources including maps, diagrams, statistics and photographs.
  • Skills Books facilitate further practice and reinforcement.

Pupil Books

3 Books

Geography Today 1
ISBN - 1-845222-57-1
Geography Today 2
ISBN - 1-845222-58-X
Geography Today 3
ISBN - 1-845222-59-8

Skills Books

3 Books

Geography Today Skills Book 1
ISBN - 1-845222-60-1
Geography Today Skills Book 2
ISBN - 1-845222-61-X
Geography Today Skills Book 3
ISBN - 1-845222-62-8

Teacher Books

4 Books

Geography Today Teacher Support Book 1
Geography Today Teacher Support Book 2
Geography Today Teacher Support Book 3
Geography Today Teacher Guide 1, 2 & 3